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your coach working together let's get started our parents say
need help changing negative behaviors and attitudes?
does being a parent have to be about punishment?
how do you go about curbing your children's negative behaviors?
do you struggle to make your children listen to you?
would you like to be a more confident and effective parent?

we can help you handle negativity:
negative attitudes and behaviors can deplete family members emotionally, leaving little energy to resolve issues and re-connect. they often distract the family from 'real', or underlying issues; they in fact a symptom rather than the problem. parenting support line will help you learn techniques to resolve these conflicts positively - without draining your energy.  

you are not alone
being a parent is complex, challenging and pressurized. "good parenting" doesn't just happen. it requires patience, coping skills, empathy, love, emotional maturity, compassion, and education. and those are just the basics.
we believe all moms, dads and caretakers can benefit from professional support and assistance to help with parenting issues. a parent coach, one who is a parent as well, can help you to acquire skills to manage discipline and punishments and reduce conflicts.

telephone coaching
parents today all seem to say the same things: "i'm feeling frustrated and anxious all the time. my kids just don't listen." "i'm so scheduled and exhausted that i find myself giving in to things that are wrong." telephone coaching provides a tool to gain useful parenting skills in your own space. at a convenient time, in your own home, you are able to connect with your personal parenting educator.

no obligation consultation
we begin with a five-minute telephone interview at no cost to you. getting to know your parenting educator and exchanging information on your issues will familiarize you with our methods.

parent coaching
you and your parenting support line coach will spend personal, quality telephone time gaining awareness, building self-esteem, answering crucial questions, finding practical solutions and effecting change. in the course of a short consultation and three fruitful conversations, we will focus on your immediate needs, offer choices for change, and nurture your development as a more effective parent.

changing negative behaviors and attitudes- parenting support line

so let's work together

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